Amsterdam Born Children and their Development


The ABCD study has established collaborations with various universities and research institutes, as well as with research departments within the Public Health Service Amsterdam, the Academic Medical Centre and the VU University Medical Center. This page gives an overview of all collaborating institutes, departments and the researchers.

Measurements of the 11-year-old children are conducted in collaboration with IRAS, Utrecht University (Anke Huss PhD). The Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences (IRAS) from Utrecht University is involved in the ABCD study with research questions regarding environmental exposures and their (potential) effects on health. We are particularly interested to evaluate electromagnetic fields (for example from mobile phone use) but also effects from other exposures such as air pollution, or noise. IRAS also participates in the European Geronimo study on the possible health effects of electromagnetic fields.

University of Amsterdam
Developmental psychology of the University of Amsterdam (Prof. Reinout Wiers PhD) is involved in Phase 4 of the ABCD study. They facilitate the internet-based assessment of questionnaires and tests of behavior and cognitive abilities. Content-wise, this research group is primarily interested in the prediction of later alcohol and substance use and related problems. More information can be found on this website or this one.

VU medical centre
Two research projects within the ABCD-study are conducted within the department of Pediatrics at the VU medical centre. (Prof. Reinoud Gemke PhD).

Academic Workplace Amsterdam
The ABCD study is part of the Academic Workplace Amsterdam. The aim of the Academic Workplace Amsterdam is to form a structural collaboration between the AMC and the Public Health Service Amsterdam.

Using data of the ABCD study

If you are a researcher and have research lines related to pregnancy and/or the health of children, and if you would like to use data from the ABCD study, please contact Tanja Vrijkotte. More information about procedures regarding collaboration with other parties can be found here.

Expert advice for the ABCD study

During the design and performance of the ABCD study we often seek expert advice. The experts currently involved in the ABCD study are:

Prof. Reinoud Gemke PhD (VUmc)
Prof. Gouke Bonsel PhD (ErasmusMC)
Prof. emeritus Gerard Hornstra (Nutrisearch BV)
Jacqueline Langius PhD (VUmc)
Prof. Joris van der Post PhD (AMC)
Prof. Tessa Roseboom PhD (AMC)
Prof. Jaap Seidell PhD (VU)
Prof. Karien Stronks PhD (AMC)
Marcel Twickler PhD (AMC)
Prof. Jos Twisk PhD (VUmc)
Ingeborg Brouwer PhD (VUmc)