Amsterdam Born Children and their Development

Last assessments

Last measurement point (phase 4).

The last measurement point took place in 2015-2016, when the ABCD children were 11-12 years old. To monitor the development of the ABCD children, we started this data collection. This was phase 4 of the ABCD study. Some things have changed compared to phase 3, the measurement done at the age of 5-6 years. We also asked the children themselves to fill in a questionnaire. This allows us to learn how children think about, for example, playing outside, eating habits and rules on internet use. Mothers still received a questionnaire and this time fathers were also asked how they think about parenting, household rules and how physically active they are. With this information we can learn more about the development of the ABCD-children and about the differences between families.

The ABCD study follows the current trends and therefore the questionnaires for this phase were completed online, as often as possible. This allowed us to do some behavioural tests with the children, which were developed by the developmental psychology department of the University of Amsterdam. They facilitate the internet-based assessment of questionnaires and tests of behavior and cognitive abilities. Content-wise, this research group is primarily interested in the prediction of later alcohol and substance use and related problems. Additionally, with IRAS , we will continue research on the field of electro-magnetic radiation. We will also collect data on the health of the children via the last contact time with  youth health care.
Finally, we cooperate with the Sarphati Institute to conduct more research on obesity and its consequences at a young age.