Amsterdam Born Children and their Development

Postdoc and PhD students

Dr. Susanne de RooijDr. Susanne de Rooij

Susanne de Rooij is a psychologist and epidemiologist and works since the start of her PhD at the AMC. She works as a senior researcher on different studies focusing on the effects of early life stress. She is the project manager of the ABCD Stress Research and she works on the study of psychiatrist Laetitia Smarius.


Margret Harskamp-van Ginkel
Margreet Harskamp-van Ginkel MD

Margreet Harskamp-van Ginkel is a PhD student at the ABCD study. She will study sleep and growth in the first 1000 days of life. We want to know if sleep behavior at baby age is important for health later in life and we want to know how parents in Amsterdam could be supported to create a healthy sleep pattern for their baby’s. Margreet also works as a paediatrician at the GGD Amsterdam for 1 day a week.


 Merlijn Botter Merlijn Botter MSc

Merlijn Botter has an MSc in Clinical Neuropsychology and has been working as a researcher at the AMC, department of clinical epidemiology, since June 2017. His research is focusing on how early life stress can cause obesity later in life. For this research he is looking at the underlying mechanisms in brain development that can cause obesity. His research is also focusing on how our brain reacts to stressful events and how early life stress can cause changes in our behavior during these events.


 Viyan Rashid Ir. Viyan Rashid
06 21158147

Viyan Rashid is a nutritionist and works as a teacher at the departement of nutrition and dietetics at the university of applied sciences in Amsterdam. She started her PhD in 2013 defining dietary patterns at age 5 years and analysing what the causes and consequences of these dietary patterns are on weight(development) at 5, 7 and 10 years of age.


Laetitia SmariusLaetitia Smarius MD
020 8901900

Laetitia Smarius MD is psychiatrist at the Bascule/ VUmc. She joined the ABCD study and started as a PhD student in 2012. Her research at the Public Health Service Amsterdam and ABCD study focuses on the association between excessive infant crying and emotional and behavioral problems at age 5 years and the mediating role of self reported demands by the mother. Both behavioral and physiological outcomes (e.g. blood pressure and cardiac autonomic activation) will be studied.


Hadi ZafarmandHadi Zafarmand
020 566 5366

Hadi Zafarmand trained as an MD before gaining an MSc and PhD in clinical epidemiology. His dissertation entitled “genetic risks for cardiovascular diseases”. He worked as an epidemiologist at the AMC, department of Public Health, and started his research on the ABCD-study to enrich this study with genetic data and analysis (ABCD-Genetic Enrichment (GE) study) in September 2014. His research focused on genetic susceptibility and gene-environmental interactions on obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in 5-6 year old children. Since October 2017 he works as an advisor for the genetic data.