Amsterdam Born Children and their Development

ABCD dissertations

Laetitia Smarius (Vumc)
12 october 2018

Stress in the mother- infant dyad.

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 Adriëtte Voorkant
Adriëtte Oostvogels (AMC-UvA)
8 november 2017

Maternal characteristics and offspring’s and cardiometabolic profile.

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 Marieke Voorkant
Marieke de Beer (VUmc)
19 oktober 2017

Early growth, infant feeding and childhood cardiovascular risk factors.

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 Arend voorkant
Arend van Deutekom (VUmc)
21 April 2017

The Developmental Origins of Children’s Energy Balance-Related Behavior and Physical Fitness.

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 EL voorkant
Eva Loomans (Tilburg University / GGD Amsterdam)
11 September 2013

From the Womb into the World – Early influences on neurocognitive functioning and behaviour in five to six year olds.

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 GvdB voorkant
Gerrit van den Berg (VUmc)
4 September 2013

Socioeconomic inequalities in cardiovascular risk factors in young children

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 AEvD voorkant
Aimee van Dijk (AMC-UvA/GGD)
3 October 2012

Cardio-metabolic risk in children prenatally exposed to maternal psychosocial stress

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 MdH voorkant
Marieke de Hoog (AMC-UvA/GGD)
28 September 2012

Ethnic inequalities in early overweight: determinants and consequences

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 GG voorkant
Geertje Goedhart – de Wolf (AMC-UvA/GGD)
30 september 2010

Perinatal health epidemiology in multi-ethnic Amsterdam: psychobiological processes

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 MvE voorkant
Manon van Eijsden (AMC-UvA/GGD)
4 April 2008

Ethnicity, nutrition, and pregnancy: food for thought

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