Amsterdam Born Children and their Development


The main goal of the ABCD study is to examine and determine factors in early life (during pregnancy and infancy) that might explain the later health of the child, and the differences in health between children.

The origin of significant health problems in children (such as obesity and ADHD), and adults (e.g. cardiovascular disease) often lies in early life. The ABCD study aims to investigate to what extent children’s health is influenced by lifestyle and circumstances in their first years of life by means of questionnaires, blood samples and physical measurements. Although ethnicity is known to be an important determinant of health in children, it remains unclear by which mechanisms this difference is mediated. For this reason, the study is designed to examine and explain health inequalities in children from different ethnic groups.

Knowledge of the factors that influence children’s health is important in order to develop culture-specific counselling programs to improve children’s health and development early in life, and to prevent differences in health status between ethnic groups.