Amsterdam Born Children and their Development


The ABCD – Amsterdam Born Children and their Development – study is a long-term, large-scale cohort study, examining the health of children from the very beginning: 8,000 children are followed from the time of their mother’s pregnancy until adulthood. This study of the university hospital in Amsterdam (AMC) is unique in its design, multi-cultural composition, completeness and cost-effectiveness regarding data collection and analyses.

The study is conducted by researchers from the AMC and in collaboration with VUmc. A broad range of factors are studied during pregnancy that might be related to the child’s health at birth and in later life. The study also specifically addresses differences in health and health behaviour among ethnic groups.

This page contains information on the study’s aims, the different phases of data collection, the ABCD team that collects the data, and results of the study so far. More information can be found in the newsletters. If you would like to receive our newsletter by email or by regular mail, please contact us by telephone (020-5661252) or via this link.