Amsterdam Born Children and their Development

Practical questions

Q: What is the importance of my participation? What is your research about?
A: Your participation is very valuable to our research. We are following the health and development of your child from the moment you were pregnant. During your pregnancy you completed a questionnaire and gave permission to study the health and development of your child. We did this by sending you a questionnaire when your child was 3 months and 5 years old. When your child was 5 years old, he or she may have participated in the ABCD-measurement. With all of the information we collect we do research to identify factors that influence children’s health and development. Moreover we investigate, for example, which factors can reduce differences in health between different ethnic groups (i.e. Turkish, Moroccan, Dutch). If you haven’t participated when your child was 3 months and/or 5 years old, your participation is still relevant and valuable now.

Q: When will we get the invitation to participate in this new measurement?
A: If your son/daughter was born before December 1st, 2003 you will receive an invitation to participate before the summer holidays. For children born after this time, invitations will be send from the beginning of September onwards, but the exact timing is difficult to predict at this moment.

Q: What happens with the collected data?
A: All data we collect is stored anonymously. This means that no personal data is stored and the new data can only be coupled to old data by a unique ID number. Researchers do not know who completed which questionnaire. The collected data help researchers answers question like: which factors contribute to overweight in children and which factors are associated with happiness in children?

Q: It’s been years since I filled out questionnaire, is it still useful to participate now?
A: Although you haven’t filled out questionnaires for quite some time, your information is still valuable for us. For instance, we would like to relate some of the data we’re getting from you now with data we got during your pregnancy. Questionnaires that could have been filled out in between are not always necessary to do this kind of research.

Q: Our family consists of two mothers and our child(ren), which questionnaires do we as parents have to fill out?
A: Please have the biological mother fill out the “mother’s questionnaire” and the other mother complete the questionnaire for the father / new partner of the mother. You can find the login details in the corresponding letters. We apologize for the incorrect addressing. The information we get from both of you is important! If the non-biological mother answers question 3 (“How are you related to the child?”) that she is ‘the other mother’, we can trace this in our data. Many thanks!

Q: The mother of my child passed away, which questionnaire do I (father) have to fill out?
A: It would be best if you could fill out the mother’s questionnaire. If you answer question 3 (“What is your relationship to the child?”) that you are her father, we can trace this in our data and understand why you haven’t filled out the father’s questionnaire. If you have a new partner who is taking care of your child with you, your new partner could fill out the mother’s questionnaire as well and you could fill out the father’s questionnaire.

Q: Ik ben naar het buitenland verhuisd, is het dan nog waardevol om mee te doen?
A: Voor ons maakt het geen verschil dat u naar het buitenland bent verhuisd. De informatie die we van u krijgen door het invullen van de vragenlijsten is nog even bruikbaar en waardevol.

Q: I received a request to participate in the new measurement period of the ABCD-study, but my child has a mental/physical disorder. Is it still useful to participate?
A: Information about children with mental/physical disorders is also important to us. You can decide if your child is able to complete the questionnaire on their own. Filling out the mother’s and/or father’s questionnaire without the child’s questionnaire is also a possibility. If you would like to discuss your personal situation with us, you can contact us through our contact details below.

Q: I don’t have the time/ I don’t feel like participating at this time with your research. How can I sign out of this study?
A: We would regret it if you did not participate anymore. It is not necessary to fill out all the questionnaires. The more information, the better, but only one filled out questionnaire (for example just from your child) is still valuable to us. By contacting us through our contact form or our contact details below you can tell us that you do not wish to participate any longer. You can also let us know that you do not want to participate at this point in time, but that you don’t mind to being contacted at a later time for a new measurement round.