Amsterdam Born Children and their Development


Phase 4, started in March 2015 and ended in June 2016. We investigated the health and development of children at age 11-12 years. ABCD-children, their mothers, fathers and teachers were asked to fill out a questionnaire. Moreover children were asked to complete three short tasks.

Children’s questionnaire
For the first time, we asked the children themselves to fill out a questionnaire. This questionnaire covers eating and sleeping behaviour and mobile phone use. Children who completed the questionnaire on the computer, were asked to play a game, in which balloons need to be inflated.

Parents’ questionnaire
For the first time, fathers were asked for information as well. The questionnaire covered both the health and behaviour of themselves and their child. In case the child does not see his/her father regularly and the mother has a new partner, he/she had to complete the questionnaire. As during previous measurements mothers were asked to complete a questionnaire about the health and behaviour of themselves and their child.

Teacher’s questionnaire / Tests at school
As during the 5-years measurement teachers were asked to complete a questionnaire about the school performance (CITO) and behaviour of the child at school. We also asked the teacher to let the child complete two tests at school on the internet. These two tests both consisted of pictures. In the first test the child had to complete the picture by choosing the right piece of the puzzle, the other test was a kind of memory.

Physical Examination
In the summer of 2016 more than 1000 children participated at the physical examination. Below you will find a short video about the physical examination.

More information about the present phase can be found here.