Amsterdam Born Children and their Development


During Phase 2 of the study, which focuses on birth and early infancy, the health and development of the infants was measured. Women who had agreed to participate in future research received the ‘infancy questionnaire’ 3 months after delivery of their child.

This questionnaire contained questions about pregnancy and delivery, about the baby’s health, development and growth, and about the lifestyle and psychosocial health of the mother during and after pregnancy. In total, 5304 mothers filled in the infancy questionnaire.

Pregnancy outcomes
Pregnancy outcomes (pregnancy duration, date of birth, birth weight etc.) were obtained from the Department of Youth Health Care of the Public Health Service Amsterdam, and from the Netherlands Perinatal Registry.

Growth data
For all infants in the study, growth data (height, weight and nutrition) were collected during their first two years of life at visits to their local healthcare centres in Amsterdam.